Who I Am

A young, aspiring businessman. Looking to expand career in finance via investment banking. Works well under pressure, loves a fast-paced workplace. Entrepreneurial in nature, consistently thinking outside the box, re-framing issues and attacking them from a different angle.

From personal entrepreneurial ventures to world-class retail training, I have built rapport and a strong profile of soft skills and technical skills through proven experience. Currently managing over CAD $75,000 of equities and indexes. Sound skills with Office 365, Adobe, and Apple media applications.

Great public speaking skills. Collaborative and leadership skills built from successfully managing teams in high-pressure situations.

6 years collaborative work experience
4 entreprenurial ventures

What I Do


Equity absolute and relative valuation using Bloomberg Terminal and Excel.


Over 100 customers served with new iPhone screens, batteries, etc.


Hosting and development of numerous websites for local businesses and other clients.


Graphic design to complement website design: logos, banners, etc.

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